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Better Shooting, Improved Team Chemistry Have Spurred Badgers' 12-0 Start

Chemistry: A festive ferment

So why has this year's team been able other to do what no other Badgers team has in nearly a century? Here are five reasons for Wisconsin's 12-0 start: Balanced offense Every starter has led the team in scoring at least once this season, and it's because there really is no weak link on offense for Wisconsin. The Badgers are one of three teams in the Big Ten, along with Michigan State and Penn State, to have four players averaging double figures in scoring. Eight Big Ten teams have three players in double digits, while Nebraska is the lone team with two in double figures. Although Michigan State and Penn State each have four players in double figures, neither team has a player averaging more than 7.3 points per game after that.
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Above all, it has been a method of preserving the bounty of a harvest or hunt for nourishment in leaner times. Peoples across the planet have applied it to nearly everything edible, from fruits, vegetables, meats and milks to animal hides in the Sudan and fish heads in the Arctic. The most common food fermentations develop spontaneously, because the microbes responsible are ubiquitous and thrive on sugars in nutrient-rich materials such as plant tissues and animal secretions. As these first exploiters multiply, they release a number of chemical weapons that suppress their competition, and so can delay or prevent the growth of microbes that spoil foods with disgusting or toxic by-products. The weapons include antimicrobial peptides, lactic and acetic acids, and alcohols, all harmless to us in moderation and some addictively appealing.
For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://www.nature.com/nature/journal/v504/n7480/full/504372a.html

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