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Anoka High School's 'lunchroom Intervention' Provides Food For Thought, And Help For Math

For Heidi Schwartz, a school-suspension supervision specialist who stands in the back of the room, life couldnt be easier. These kids werent given detention. They actually want to be here. They have targets. They want to focus, she said. The kids are very respectful, Pangborn said.
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Complex math stumps NASA, wastes millions on incorrect contractor payments

Headquarters procurement officials "do not periodically review interim and provisional payments to determine whether contracting officers are accurately applying the formulas," the report said. Not only did officials fail to review the payments, but the IG even found errors in examples used by headquarters personnel to calculate the payments. NASA argued the report "creates the impression that NASA overpaid contractors $66.4 million due to mathematical errors on interim and provisional award-fee payments," which it said is wrong because it can fix the problem at any time. The IG go here kept the finding in its report, however, noting that, although officials have a chance to fix the errors, the overpayments are still a problem for the agency. A mindset of rewarding good science regardless of performance problems has also led officials to pay some contractors more than their work deserved, the IG said.
For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://washingtonexaminer.com/complex-math-stumps-nasa-wastes-millions-on-incorrect-contractor-payments/article/2539432

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